360 ° dome mirror

360 ° dome mirror
The BM 360 ° Dome Mirror is an efficient and space-saving investment in occupational safety.
The BM 360 ° has a brilliant mirror image and can therefore be used in industrial areas as well as in workshops and department stores.
In the industrial sector, the dome mirror 360 ° provides a good overview and secures crossings optimally.
The mirror is TÜV certified.

The BM 360 ° dome mirror is made of lightweight and impact-resistant acrylic (70% stronger than glass) or indestructible polycarbonate and has a low weight and a long service life.
Due to its material (polycarbonate), the mirror can also be used without problems in the food industry.

The mirror can either be screwed directly to the wall / ceiling (holes in the edge of the mirror are pre-drilled) or suspended from the ceiling by means of chains (chain set sold separately).
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